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We love photographing families and newborns are certainly no exception! Photographing newborns though, needs a completely different set of skills to what photographing anyone else does!

Firstly, they are in control of the photoshoot, so it could take 3-4 hours to complete! No kidding, but don't worry, I have refreshments and a comfy sofa to relax on while we wait for 'you know who' to come to the party!

Secondly, newborns love the studio to be hot, and I mean sweltering, having-trouble-holding-on-to-my-camera-because-of-sweaty-hands hot, so dress in layers, just in case you have to strip off!

Thirdly, your newborn may not be having a good day, and that's  okay, we will arrange to meet another day and pick up where we left off!

So, I guess what I'm trying to say, is don't stress about anything, it is what it is!

Newborns must also be posed very carefully, with great care taken to make sure they are comfortable at all times. I am very comfortable handling newborns, and have a great deal of experience photographing tiny ones just a few hours old...I'll probably tell you more about this while we're drinking beverages trying to hydrate for the long haul!

I'd encourage you to 'keep it simple' for baby's first photo session, but do bring that special blanket that your gran knitted and that lovely teddy bear that your mum's cousin gave you, because all those things are special and part of the start of this wonderful journey. 

Let me know if you're interested in doing something different too, as many times we can. For example, I photographed a baby in a flower pot the other day and the resulting image is adorable!

In additional to our standard newborn shoots, we also have partnered with the awesome Laura's Treasured Prints, to be able to offer a bump cast that we can use during your newborn's shoot.

Our bump sessions are £125 (1 hour plus all the images with permission to print) 

Our standard newborn sessions are: £175 (approx. 2-3 hours plus all the images with permission to print)

Our newborn session, including bump cast is: £250  (approx. 2-3 hour session plus all the images with permission to print and your lovely bump cast)

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